I am a woodworker, potter, and visual artist, with a B.A. in Studio Art from Carleton College. Growing up, I spent school breaks and summers on Stuart Island, the most northwestern San Juan Island. Living in and exploring this remote piece of wilderness proved to be a formative part of my upbringing; it made me resourceful, independent, and good at handling responsibility. My experience on Stuart also instilled in me a deep appreciation for nature and a love of the outdoors. The combination of an artistic household and attending schools that emphasized art cultivated my interest in photography and woodturning. As a curious and eager student, I practiced, experimented, and researched new techniques on my own, and learned from mentors who generously shared their time, knowledge, and expertise to support my love of these art forms. My life would not be complete without my art or my sport. Playing competitive ultimate frisbee on high-school, college, club, and national teams has taught me the value of teamwork, tenacity, and effective communication skills. My Studio Art education at Carleton allowed me to gain confidence with new mediums such as furniture building, ceramics, drawing, and printmaking. Through a career in the arts, I hope to cultivate a sustainable studio practice, share my passion for craftsmanship and inspire creativity in others. 


Artist Statement 

When I make art, I treasure the feeling of being present, acutely focused, and directly engaged with the materials and environment at hand. I am driven by a sense of curiosity in the nuances of the natural world, the power of careful observation, and the transformation of raw materials. The constant motion of the landscape - weather, light, shadows, and fauna - feeds my desire to create and inspires the organic shapes and textures in my art. I design my wooden bowls and vessels to highlight the unique features of a given piece of wood: the knots, cracks, figure, and natural edge characteristics. I am drawn to clay’s inherent malleability, and craft utilitarian forms that people can integrate into their daily routines surrounding food and drink. Through intimate tactile experiences with my handmade pots, I hope the user appreciates the subtleties in color, shape, texture, and weight, and gains a heightened awareness of how they interact with the spaces and objects around them. Drawing, painting, photography, and videography are rewarding ways to document experiences, tell stories, and allow me to think critically about how I observe and record the surrounding landscape.


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