February 2018, size: 5”x10”

Traces contrasts the two vastly different landscapes of Washington and Minnesota using photographs taken on two outdoor excursions at different times of the year. I considered how varying focal length, proximity to the subject, point of view, depth of field, and post processing affect a subject’s abstraction. The text on the center spread conveys tastes, scents, and sounds I experienced that could not be communicated with images alone.


February 2016, size: 6"x9"

A series of macro photographs, taken in Northfield, MN.



February 2016, size: 8"x10"

Entropy is a book of photograms I created in an Advanced Digital Imaging course at Carleton College. To produce the photograms, I utilized 8x10 and 11x17 photographic paper, a flashlight, an enlarger, and various natural objects: limes, oranges, kumquats, kiwis, oregano, pinecones, tomatoes, dill, shallots, and oak leaves. Once developed, the original photograms were scanned, edited in photoshop, and printed for binding.