The Project

On July 1st, 2016, I launched a Kickstarter campaign entitled Beneath the Bark. The goal of the project was to expand my skills as woodworker and artist; to share my wooden vessels widely; and to capture the turning process, “tree-to-bowl”, through film. To learn more about the campaign, click here.



The Film

Beneath the Bark | A Film on Woodturning

Published:  September 28, 2017


The campaign was a success! Many thanks to the following individuals for their support and generosity:

Jake Olson

David Ellsworth

Barbara Crockett

Cathy Griffin

Sam & Cheri Yanuck

John Hill

Ron Hollenbeck

Collin Garrity

Steve Bovingdon

Glen Sterr

ET Games

Petra Martin

Jon DeVaan

Jean T. Olson

Diana Friend

Max Sarkowsky

Grace Huynh

Lauren Jackson

David Long

Carl Kalb

Cheryl Opalski

Stephanie Wagner

Sandi and Bob Dexter

Heather & Day DeLaHunt

Lev Agranovich

Dori Cranmore


Jim Doyle

Marielle Foster

Marc Shor

Alida Latham

Stephen Ruden

Eleanor Jensen

Terry & Judy Olson

William DePaso

Genevieve Gormley

Loren Willson

Laurie Vette & Scott Andrews

Joshua Quaas

Peg Ogle

Charles Delahunt

Travis Gnehm

David Montero

Rikki & Jack Swenson

Christopher Hrdlicka

Seth McGovern

Richard Wilson

Tamara B.

Brandon Olson

Jason Forbes

Andrew Lohmann

Phil Bowen

Rich Price